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Literacy First is a research-based, systematic, systemic and comprehensive reform process that accelerates reading achievement of all students in grades PreK to 12. This nationally validated process is approved for use and implemented in Reading First schools, as well as in Comprehensive School Reform grant schools with proven success.

The Literacy First Process:

  • closes the reading gap of all AYP subgroups as demonstrated on nationally normed assessments
  • causes teachers to be more “consciously competent” about the reading process
  • refines teachers’ instructional skills;
  • strengthens principals’ instructional leadership skills
  • offers flexible models to scale from individual schools to larger school districts customizes to meet the needs of any school no matter needs or size

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This data-driven process develops stronger teachers, exceptional school leaders, and as a result, dramatic growth in reading achievement for all students. These claims are backed by a wealth of student, school and district results to prove repeated success in a vast variety of environments. So just what makes it work?

Literacy First is a powerful change implementation method based on a strong site relationship among administrators, teachers, students, and a Literacy First expert in reading, instructional technique, and change motivation. And from that relationship develops a clear, well-mapped path to success.

The Literacy First consultant provides a customized approach to build the capacity of the principal, reading coach and teachers by using:

  • a research based change process
  • systematic and explicit professional development
  • intensive on-site coaching and consulting.

This results in accelerated reading achievement of all students.

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