Novus Windpower (Novus)


Wind turbine at dawn with three cowboys

Novus Windpower, LLC (“Novus”) was formed in 2006 to focus specifically on the development of large, centralized wind energy facilities in the vicinity of the Texas-Oklahoma Panhandle and Southwest Kansas. Today, more than 2,000 MW of clean renewable wind energy projects are under development by Novus.

Novus affiliated companies:

Distributed Wind Systems, LLC (“DWS”), was formed in early 2005 to develop smaller, distributed generation (“DG”) wind energy projects (each with an output of 20 MW or less) in the north Texas Panhandle that could be financed and installed within a short timeframe (i.e., less than one year). To date, DWS has successfully developed and sold the rights to 10 DG projects totaling 100 MW and supported its affiliate Great Plains Windpower in the development and sale of its 80 MW project, also located in the north Texas Panhandle about 30 miles southeast of Guymon.

Great Plains Windpower, LLC (“GPW”) was formed in early 2002 to develop utility sized wind energy projects in the high-quality wind resource area centered around Guymon. At its formation, GPW limited its targeted activities to the development of 320 MW of wind facilities, allocated into two separate projects which have been successfully developed by GPW, and subsequently acquired and installed by leading wind energy companies.

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