Shawn Lepard

is the Senior Partner of Lepard Consulting, LLC. Shawn has over twenty-years of experience in government as a lobbyist, legislative staffer, agency employee, campaign coordinator and family involvement in politics. In 2005, after gaining public affairs experience in a number of varied fields, Shawn formed Lepard Consulting, LLC to provide his expertise to a diverse group of client interests.  His knowledge of political intricacies provides a base of success for any client.

Before forming Lepard Consulting, Shawn served as the director of a multi-state grass roots public policy organization to promote rural development.  Because of Shawn’s persistence in promoting the organizations objectives the group became a strong voice throughout the Southwest.

While successful in promoting rural development and environmental conservation, Shawn’s previous work and volunteer experience has provided him valuable experience in a variety of other issues, including: political campaigns, public education, renewable energy, social services, and business marketing.

As the nephew of a former Texas State Representative, Shawn learned the intricacies of the legislature while helping his uncle’s staff and serving as a page in the Texas Legislature. After graduating from Texas Tech University with a Communications degree, he joined the staff of then Texas Agriculture Commissioner Rick Perry. There he gained first hand experience of how state agencies operate. He helped Commissioner Perry revise outdated agency rules, design and implement an agency strategic plan and promote the agencies’ issues to the Texas Legislature and the public.

He then went to work in elections across Texas where he learned the art of grassroots organization and promotion of a candidate and issues. Following the campaign season he worked for Texas Senator Teel Bivins of Amarillo. While working for Senator Bivins he learned in the trenches how to get a bill through the legislature and how lobbyists were, and weren’t, effective in representing their clients’ interests.

Once the session was completed Mr. Lepard was hired to head the Austin office of a public relations firm to help represent the clients’ interests in the halls of the Texas State Capitol, state agencies and the media. Shawn was soon requested to go to Oklahoma to help a client with their issues before the Oklahoma Legislature.

After one session in Oklahoma, Shawn moved to Oklahoma full-time to work for a new grassroots public policy organization to promote and protect agriculture interests. He helped establish the organization as a force in Oklahoma politics and remained as the organization’s director for seven years.

Mr. Lepard formed Lepard Consulting, LLC in 2005 to help a more diverse group of client interests.  With Lepard Consulting, Shawn has demonstrated that his years of public policy knowledge can help clients succeed in the legislative arena.

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